Kids are the foundation of our future. So, we work hard to ensure that they have a strong foundation to build that future on. With ample programming throughout the year, our kids have a blast making friends and growing in their faith. Events like Trunk-or-Treat, Grandparents Day Celebration, Rally Sunday, Vacation Bible School, the Palm Sunday Parade with a live donkey, the Sunday School Christmas Play, and field trips - it's no wonder they have so much fun!

Our churches also work hard to teach kids about the Christian faith by using low teacher to child ratios, specialized curriculum, and resources for parents to help in this work. Every Sunday during the school year, kids are welcome to be a part of our Sunday School to continue making Christian friends, having fun, and learning more about Jesus Christ.

Sunday School meets at: 10:00 am at Iron Creek and 9:45 am at Trinity.

Finally, our churches ensure that children have a special place in worship, beyond their regular interaction. With a special time with Rev. Joel, kids are invited to spend time with our pastor as they receive the attention and instruction which can help them worship in the future.